Posters & Demos

Martin Schwarzbauer, PCO AG, Kelheim,
and Bernd Jähne, HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany:
Noise equalization and quasi loss-less image data compression - towards a unified camera signal?
Helmut Herrmann, AEON, Hanau,
and Bernd Jähne, HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany:
Image Sensor Nonuniformities – are They Relevant for Image Processing?
O. Barz, Imago Technologies, Friedberg, Germany: Real-Time Communication in Machine Vision Systems with Windows & Linux
Boitumelo Ruf and Dr. Tobias Schuchert,
Fraunhofer IOSB, Karlsruhe, Germany:
EU Project TULIPP: Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms
Hamza Aziz Ahmad, Marcel Gutsche,
Hendrik Siedelmann, Alessandro Vianello,
Maximilian Diebold and Bernd Jähne,
HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany:
Demo of Light-Field Acquisition with a Single Camera on a Translation Stage and Camera Arrays
Hendrik Siedelmann, Maximilian Diebold
and Bernd Jähne, HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany:
Fractal Test Target for Unconstrained Geometrical Camera Calibration
Maximilian Diebold, Alexander Gatto
and Bernd Jähne, HCI, Heidelberg University,
and Sony Stuttgart, Germany:
Heterogeneous Light Fields
Alessandro Vianello, Giulio Manfredi
and Bernd Jähne, HCI, Heidelberg University,
and Robert Bosch GmbH, Renningen, Germany:
3D Reconstruction by a Combined Structure Tensor and Hough Transform Light-Field Approach
Rafael Grompone and Jean-Michel Morel, CMLA,
Université Paris-Saclay and CNS Cachan, France:
The new journal IPOL: publishing reproducible image processing and computer vision algorithms
Aitor Alvarez-Gila, Antonio Lopez-Cruz,
Sergio Rodriguez-Vaamonde, Miguel Linares,
José A. Gutierrez-Olabarria and Estibaliz Garrote,
Tecnalia, Spain:
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for surface quality inspection of hot long metal products
Daniel Kondermann, Rahul Nair, Katrin Honauer,
Karsten Krispin, Jonas Andrulis, Alexander Brock, Burkhardt Güssefeld, Mohsen Rahimimoghaddam,
Sabine Hofamnn, Claus Brenner, and Bernd Jähne,
HCI, Heidelberg University, Pallas Ludens GmbH,
Heidelberg, and Institute of Cartography and
Geoinformatics, University Hannover, Germany:
The HCI Benchmark Suite: Stereo and Flow Ground Truth with Uncertainties for Urban Autonomous Driving
Anna Kreshuk, Sven Peter and Thorsten Beier, HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany: Ilastik, a simple, user-friendly tool for interactive image classification, segmentation and analysis
Please refer to Ilastik and/or Ilastik on wikipedia
Ullrich Köthe, HCI, Heidelberg University, Germany: Vigra, generic programming for computer vision
Please refer to Vigra on Github and/or Vigra on wikipedia
Maximilian Bopp and Jakob Kunz, Institute for Environmental Physics, Heidelberg University, Germany: Imaging of small-scale air-sea interaction processes, a guided tour at the Heidelberg Air-Sea Interaction Facility, the Aeolotron