Focal Topic

Vision for Industry 4.0 and beyond

Currently, vision systems undergo multiple transformations at once. There are many new imaging modalities than just taking monochrome or color images. Systems become smaller, cheaper, more powerful with embedded processing on the edge, making integration of multiple vision systems into industry 4.0 networks much easier. In industrial production lines there is a gradual transition from passive quality control to active control of flexible production processes. 

And there are several "beyonds". Firstly, the progress in vision systems, image processing and analysis has mostly shifted from the traditional areas to mobile consumer devices and apps used by everyone. Secondly, new fields of application are emerging with new growth potential such as in food and agriculture and autonomous driving, just to name two. And, thirdly, new trends show up moving beyond Industry 4.0 - one example being flexible vision systems which enable collaborations between robots and human workers. 

All these closely interwoven trends are covered by the focal topic of the 3rd European Machine Vision Forum, taking place in Bologna, Northern Italy. This is a region predestined for a vivid exchange between science and industry. Located here are the oldest universities in Europe and here is a large industrial cluster with many key players of the European vision industry. 

Contributed talks, posters and table-top demonstrations both of novel hardware and software are called to all topics described above. Contributions can also describe open problems. Details of the submission deadlines and process are described here: abstract submission .